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Dogs are known widely as man’s best friend, and while the majority of dogs go through their lives without showing aggression toward humans, it is important to remember that they are animals. They are subject to instinct and may attack even when they have no history of doing so.

There are compelling statistics compiled from various studies and news reports regarding dog attacks in the United States that report 31 dog attack fatalities in 2016. Although pit bulls make up only about 6% of the total dog population in the U.S., they contributed to 71% of fatalities. Additionally, 42% of the fatality victims were children aged 9 years and younger.

Who Is at Risk?

Adults and children alike may be at risk of a dog attack on their own property, in public or while visiting a friend or family member. Even a seemingly “friendly” dog could cause serious harm to a child if the child approaches the dog too quickly or attempts to take a toy or food from the dog. Whether you or a loved one has been attacked, a Greater Sacramento Area dog bite lawyer at Caraway Injury Attorneys may be able to help. We understand how to seek compensation in these claims under California’s dog bite laws.

The following types of compensation may be paid in dog bite claims:

  • Medical expenses, including medical procedures, surgery, hospitalization, medication and medical supplies.
  • Veterinary bills, if another animal was injured in the attack.
  • Loss of earnings, including any current or future wages, bonuses or benefits that were lost due to missed work.
  • Emotional trauma, including depression or other disorders that may be associated with a dog attack.
  • Property damage, including any clothing or other personal property that may have been damaged in the attack.

Dog Bite Laws in California

California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog attacks. According to California Civil Code §3342, a dog owner is responsible for any injuries his or her animal may inflict upon another person, even if that dog had no history of attacks or aggression. This includes attacks that occur on public or private property, even the property of the dog owner, as long as the victim had permission or was legally allowed to be on the property. The only exceptions may be if the dog was provoked, was defending a peace officer or another person, or was lawfully carrying out military or police work.

Find out how a Gold River injury attorney can protect your right to compensation under Civil Code §3342. Call (916) 655-5555 today!

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